[Fixed] Show Current music track not working on Google talk

If your Media player song is not shown Google Talk try following two things, for me option 2 has always worked.

[ Solution 1 ]

  1. Open Media Player
  2. Go to View > Plug-ins > Options > select Plug-ins tab > under category > select Background
  3. You will find “Google Talk Music Plugin”  select it, That’s it !

[ Solution 2 ]

But some of you might not find the option as specified above,

  1. Close Media Player
  2. Uninstall Google Talk
  3. Re install from http://www.google.com/talk/index.html
  4. Install Latest Google Talk  (Make sure you “Run as Administrator” for Vista / Windows 7 or any higher versions)
  5. Open Gtalk and Sign in
  6. Open Media Player and Play a song
  7. Go to GTalk and change status to “Show current music track

Hope this works for you. Write comments on case it does not or does.