How to upload WordPress from your local machine to online server

It is quit possible that many of you love working on local setup of WordPress than tweaking the things directly on live setup of WordPress. Most important advantage is that it definately fastens your process of development and most importantly when your files on local machine you can use Eclipse, Notepad++ or TextmMate for updating your files Then test everything and when your satisfied… upload files online.

So lets see how to do that…

  1. Most important step take backup of your local WordPress database from PHPMyAdmin. [We need this to restore local database after finishing the deployment]
  2. Log in to your local wp-admin panel. Go to Settings >> General Settings, then change WordPress Address (URL)Site Address (URL) to your the URL where you want to deploy your website. Click on save button. Data will get stored and you wont be see anything but a error screen post save. But that is OK. Don’t panic.
  3. Take Another backup of the same database. [We want this to upload online]
  4. Upload your WordPress files on online using FileZilla
  5. Open wp-config.php file and update database connection parameters (Database Name, Database User Name, Database Password & Host Name)
  6. Check your online website. Everything should be looking fine. Cheers!
  7. Lets now restore your local database as its not working now.
  8. Go to your local PHPMyAdmin and select your required database. Delete all tables and import the database that we had created at Step 1. Check your local website and it should work normally. Cheers again!