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What is c? How to write programs using c?

  • 001. Write a program to print a string in C language
  • 5 Steps to learning programming easily

    Learning programming has never been easy for first-timers. In this blog, we are going to talk about 5 Steps to learning programming easily so that you steadfast your IT career.

    Have you still not figured out how you can start your coding career?
    Or you have started but stuck in between and do not know how to make it further?

    In this article, we are going to focus on exactly this. So, read this article till the end to find out the answer. My personal favorite tip is number 3. Let me know which one you like the most in the comment section.

    1. Choose a language

      You need to start somewhere. So choose a language… any language. Do some research, ask yourself why this specific programming language would be the best for you.
      You can do some basic research on Google that what all can be achieved if you learn this language. Or you can ask people who you already know, preferably to those who have learned this language. But remember do not get carried away by these people as everyone will give some advice. But only few can give you a correct advice.

      From my perspective choose a simple programming language like C. C Language technically does not have much to do with your learning path. But learning it for programming basics will create a strong foundation. It is easy to learn and you can master it in a matter of weeks.

      Or you can use Python, which is my favorite too. The only problem with it is… you might get overwhelmed about what all can be achieved with it. And because you can’t do that all yet, you might start feeling programming as a too distant dream for you. Hence its always better to start small.

      After you choose the language promise yourself “No matter what, I am going to complete learning this language.”

    2. Stick to it till you complete 75% of it at least

      This is again important thing, as… you once start learning a language for the first time, you need to rely much on internal motivation and discipline. As after few days, once you start learning… you come up with questions …Have I really chose the correct language?
      What if I learn this language and it turns out to be non-useful?
      Am I wasting time by learning the language?
      I am learning C-language, but my friends are learning PHP, C#… machine learning
      And Most importantly… will I be able to complete as I planned?

      Then tell yourself…

      I have promised myself that I will complete this language and I will.

    3. Daily dose of code

      Motivation is a very limited resource, it lasts for a while only. And then you need another dose of motivation. Let me explain this by an example… completing 20 lessons in a day does look like a big task and will really require a lot of motivation.

      However, for a simple task like brushing your teeth or checking Facebook messages does not require any motivation, why is that? Because it has become a habit.
      Similarly, if you try to write codes or learning programs as a habit it will become an effortless act. Hence you can promise yourself to understand and write 4 programs a day. Which can take max 45 minutes? That way you will complete 100 programs in 25 days.

      This will be a simpler task and won’t require any motivation. Gradually it forms a habit and sometimes you will even forget that you did 3 programs / 6 programs or even 100 in a single session. You will be so engraved in the process of learning.So, don’t reply to much on motivation, rather form habits which will build interest and a great career later on.

    4. Remembering what can help

      Creating a circle of friends. You may have caught up yourselves with limited or absolutely zero like-minded people. Hence you can join our Facebook communities, WhatsApp groups or YouTube channels and get access to like-minded people.
      Avoid naysayers as they will try to disturb your learning path, in this situation again remember about the promise you made to yourself.

    5. Remeber what cannot help

      Stopping in between. Half knowledge is much more harmful than not knowing anything. As it gives you false confidence that you have learned it, however ...

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